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Welcome to Dietz Photography's School Picture Day!

Begin your order here: Find Your School

The option to purchase PrePay online will stay open until 11:59PM of your child's Picture Day. 
If you missed the chance to order through PrePay, you can still purchase school pictures through the 2nd Sale online portal which are all listed below. All 2nd Sale portals will open 3 weeks after Picture Day and will expire on Dec. 8, 2023. Any order placed after December 8, 2023 will be considered late and will be subject to a $20 late fee per order. 

Important! You must spell your child's name as it is registered with the school. For example, if your child is registered as Charles but has a nickname of Chuck, you must place your order under Charles. Name changes, spelling errors, incorrectly typing in the wrong grade, ordering from the wrong school, etc will result in delays and/or purchase failure.

Also, please note that each child in grades K-5th grade will receive a class picture. You can expect to receive the class composites delivered to the school in February so that children who missed the first day of pictures can be included.